Contract Manufacturing

Your Contract Manufacturer & Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partner

Advantages of Outsourcing with SCANTIBODIES Laboratory, Inc.:
Makers of the #1 Rated OTC Pregnancy Test for 19 years, produced over 200 million parts per year.
Experienced, licensed Quality Management Group for Maquiladora operations.
Experienced, integrated logistics and supply chain planning.
Award-Winning Contract Manufacturing with over 275,000 square feet available space.
State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Research Facility.
Meeting FDA, CE & ISO Requirements.

Commercial Partners and Collaborations
We enjoy a number of successful and long-lasting collaborative partnerships in the diagnostic community. If you have high-potential technologies or products, and you are seeking a commercial partner, we welcome the chance to explore the benefits of partnership. To learn more about alliance and partnership opportunities with Scantibodies, contact us at



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