Plasma & Serum


The Bulk Department at Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc. (SLI) specializes in high quality human and animal serum production. The Bulk Department can produce custom serum to meet almost every need. The equipment, staff and capacity at SLI can accommodate orders as small as 1L and as large as 1,000L or more.



SLI Part # Product Donor List
3PH490 HAMA Positive Human Plasma
3PH498 Heterophilic Plasma


Scantibodies ASO Positive Human is unique because it contains a high level of ASO activity (1500-2500 IU/ml) while maintaining a normal biochemical profile (lgG, Total Protein, etc.). Lot sizes of 1-100 liters can be accommodated.

SLI Part Product
Spec Sheet
3SH204 ASO (Antistreptolysin-O) Free Human Serum, Lipid Stripped
3SH313 ASO (Antistreptolysin-O) Positive Human Serum, Lipid Stripped 2500 IU/ml
3SH314 ASO (Antistreptolysin-O) Positive Human Serum, Lipid Stripped 1500 IU/ml


Serum listed below is defibrinated plasma. If you require Off The Clot (OTC) Sera, please contact us for part number and pricing

SLI Part # Lipid or Non-Lipid Stripped Part #
ACTH Free Human PlasmaLS 3PH023
AFP Free Human PlasmaLS 3SH041
Apolipoprotein Free Human SerumLS 3SH047
C-Peptide Free Human SerumLS 3SH035
CA 125 (First Calibrator) Human SerumLS 3SH169
NLS 3SH170
CA 19-9 (First Calibrator) Human SerumLS 3SH171
NLS 3SH172
Calcitonin Free Human SerumLS 3SH031
CEA Free Human SerumLS 3SH033
Cortisol Free Human SerumLS 3SH015
Digoxin Free Human SerumLS 3SH061
NLS 3SH062
Estradiol Free Human SerumLS 3SH083
Estriol Free Human SerumLS 3SH126
All Female Human SerumLS 3SH039
NLS 3SH040
Ferritin Free Human SerumLS 3SH013
NLS 3SH014
FSH Free Human SerumLS 3SH055
Growth Hormone Free Human SerumLS 3SH100
hCG Free Human SerumLS 3SH021
NLS 3SH022
Heat Inactivated Human SerumLS 3SH337
NLS 3SH338
Heavy Charcoal Stripped Human SerumLS 3SH009
Hepatitis Antibody Negative Control Human SerumLS 3SH067
NLS 3SH183
Hepatits Ab Neg Control Serum
Neg for HBsAg, HBsAb, HBcAb, HAVAb
LS 3SH081
NLS 3SH477
lgE Free Human SerumLS 3SH043
Insulin Free Human SerumLS 3SH025
LH Free Human SerumLS 3SH051
LH, FSH Free Human SerumLS 3SH175
LH, HCG, FSH Free Human SerumLS 3SH669
Low Charcoal Stripped Human SerumLS 3SH005
NLS 3SH157
All Male Human SerumLS 3SH037
NLS 3SH038
Medium Charcoal Stripped Human SerumLS 3SH007

In-house specification for Human Serum