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Scantibodies Contract Monoclonal Antibody Production


Over the past 30 years, Scantibodies has developed an efficient, cost effective system of manufacturing monoclonal antibodies on a contract basis. 

There are two types of custom monoclonal antibody production, in vivo (in mice), and in vitro (using cell culture). For cost, speed and scale up reasons, in vivo has been the most popular method.


–  Overview & Introduction
–  How SLI facilitates all shipping procedures to ensure safety of the cell line
–  The development of hybridoma cell lines since 1978 by SLI hybridoma experts
–  Cell line optimization
–  Prevention of cell line drift
–  Contract IN VITRO (bioreactor) MAB production
–  Contract IN VIVO (cell culture) MAB production
–  How SLI offers multiple purification
–  How SLI documents the details of quality control and production with an Executive Production Summary Report



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