Hybridoma Services

Hybridoma Antibody Development

Phase I: Antigen Preparation and Immunization

• Antigen Preparation/Peptide Conjugation.
• A maximum group of 5 mice will be immunized over a period of 10 weeks. Mouse strain used is BALB/c.
• Serum is screened by ELISA.
• Highest titer screen will be selected for phase II.

Estimated completion time: 12 weeks.

*Price: $1,800.00

Phase II: Fusion and Selection

• Fusion of splenocytes to myeloma cell line.
• All splenocytes will be used for fusion process.
• Incubation in HAT (Hypoxanthine-Aminopterin-Thymidine) selection media plated in 96 wells up to 10 plates per fusion.
• ELISA to confirm positive antibody.

Estimated completion time: 2 weeks.

*Price: $6,300.00

Phase III: Screening/Expansion/Cryopreservation

• Antibody Characterization to confirm Monoclonal Antibody.
• Isotype confirmation.
• Cell Culture expansion up to the 10 best clones specific to antigen.
• 3 vials per clone will be frozen and stored in LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) until shipment.

Estimated completion time: 8 weeks.

*Price: $8,900.00

*Price list valid through July 1st, 2019 – December 31st, 2019. 

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