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Cell Line Questionnaire (Ascites)
Cell Line Questionnaire (Supernatant)
External Statement of Work
Scantibodies Heterophilic blocking Reagent (HBR)
Custom Manufacturing vs. Contract Manufacturing
Job Application


State-Of-The-Art Blocking of False Positives
Contract Monoclonal Antibody Production
Custom Manufactured Controls
New Account Application
Customer Satisfaction Survey
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. 3KG014 – Whole PTH (1-84) Specific IRMA (Coated Tube) =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KG056 – Whole PTH (1-84) Specific IRMA (Coated Bead) =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KG600 – Total Intact PTH IRMA (Coated Bead) =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KG013 – Total Intact PTH IRMA (Coated Tube) =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KG601 – Duo PTH IRMA Kit (Coated Bead) =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KG034 – Human PTH (1-34) =>SDS
. 3KG556 – Calcitonin IRMA (Coated Tube) =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KG011 – ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) IRMA (Coated Tube) =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KG775 – Assay Development Blocking Kit =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KC533 – Heterophilic Blocking Reagent (HBR), 20mg/ml =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3KC534-075 – Heterophilic Blocking Reagent (HBR), 2mg/ml =>Directional Insert |SDS
. 3BX484 – HBR-1, Non Purified =>SDS
. 3KC535 – HBR-2, Purified =>SDS
. 3KC701 – HBR-3, Purified =>SDS
. 3KC542 – HBR-6, Purified =>SDS
. 3KC565 – HBR-11, Purified =>SDS
. 3KC545 – HBR-Plus, Purified =>SDS
. 3BM245 – Mouse lgG, Purified => SDS
. 3BM845 – Mouse lgG, Purified, Concentrated => SDS
. 3IX761 – Nonspecific Antibody Blocking Tube (NABT) =>Directional Insert
. 3IX762 – Heterophilic Blocking Tubes (HBT) =>Directional Insert


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