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Scantibodies Heterophilic Blocking Reagent (HBR)


The existence of heterophilic antibodies and their potential for causing interference in immunoassays has been known for many years.

The increasing use of the susceptible 2-site immunometric (“sandwich”) assay format has led to growing concern over the problem, and because of this Scantibodies Laboratory has developed a unique heterophilic blocking reagent (HBR) that minimizes the occurrence of heterophilic antibody interference.


–  Qualification Test for the Application of HBR
–  Heterophilic Antibody Interference – What is It?
–  The Unique Aspects of HBR over Conventional Blocking Methods
–  Heterophilic Interference – What is Known?
–  Heterophilic Antibodies – Sources
–  Heterophilic Interference – How is it Detected?
–  What is the Difference Between Heterophilic Antibody and HAMA?
–  What is a Blocking Reagent?
–  Characteristics of an Ideal Heterophilic Blocking Reagent
–  The Scantibodies Heterophilic Blocking Reagent (HBR)
–  Performance Characteristics
–  False Positive Identification
–  Availability

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